My name is Frank Donato and I am a writer and painter living in Charlottesville, VA. The Mind Blossom is my creative hub where I share my artistic journey and various projects. My second book, On the Hills of Pluto, was released October 1st, 2019. Visit my blog to read and listen to excerpts from this new publication.


  My visual artwork is created with a wide variety of mediums: acrylic paints on canvas, digital painting with Adobe Photoshop, and professional photography. While many of my pieces are either digital or traditional, I also enjoy combining the two: some of my work involves painting directly over photographs. A few distinct characteristics of my work are flowing streaks of vibrant color in tandem with concrete images and symbols. I treasure the cooler regions of the color spectrum, and yet, my artwork would be incomplete without a bold touch of warmth. In other words, I can always find room for gold paint. 

Through the power and flexibility of various mediums, I am able to create a growing body of surreal and abstract paintings. My images range from psychedelic landscapes and animals to dynamic, abstract originals. I enjoy the process of creating imaginative yet relatable art. Above all, my goal is to produce visually enchanting work that sparks a fire in the mind of my audience.


I offer many art and painting services: album artwork, book covers, custom pieces, or whatever you have in mind. Reach out to me if you are interested in how my style might be of service to you. 


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